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Joe Hallenbeck [userpic]
Be Prepared, Son
by Joe Hallenbeck (joe_hallenbeck)
at August 14th, 2006 (01:00 am)

Hallenbeck is a character I thought I could use to provoke situations by stepping into open story threads and stimulating actions or dialogues. Not that he doesn't have a life of his own, but I thought that he could be perfect as a stock, anti-hero, "cop on the edge" character. Hallenbeck, a police detective, is not a god, a vampire or a mutant: he is a simple human and if he is shot in the head, stabbed in the heart, or plunged into metal in fusion, he will die. But he's part of a police force, which means that he can help untangle some situations other characters might be in, and that he can also cause some trouble by investigating here and there, where some characters would have prefered him no to.

If you need a police element to a story, even for just a post or two, don't hesitate to call Hallenbeck: if he is not drunk, he shall answer! Finally, please note that I intend on submitting this character to more than one community but that each of his incarnations will be distinct and independent.

Name: Joe Hallenbeck
Fandom: The Last Boy Scout
Alignment: Hero

Background: After 13 brilliant although violent years in the US Army, some disturbing post-traumatic stress disorder, a short-lived experience in the Secret Service during which he saved the life of the President, and a tough divorce, Joe Hallenbeck was a wreckage. Addicted to whiskey, which helped him escape his depressing reality, and to sleeping pills, which helped him fight insomnia caused by distressing nightmares, Hallenbeck got a second chance to prove what he was capable of. Successfully thwarting an assassination attempt while uncovering a deeply-rooted corruption scheme involving a US senator, private investigator Joe Hallenbeck was then offered to join the police department as a detective, which he did. Trying to prove himself worthy of this second chance while fighting off his old and persistent demons of alcohol, drugs and violence, Hallenbeck is nevertheless reborn as a new man, hitting the streets of the city "to protect and to serve".

You can read his background info, Opening Sequence, and his first scene: Alternative Justice.